digital review


By Chris Campbell

Have you heard about the best new digital SLR camera to hit the streets? How about the worst? As the prices of digital SLR cameras have been plummeting like crazy, it's become more important then ever to be able to distinguish the best from the worst. Don't assume that a low price is indicative of a low quality SLR. It could just be the deal you've been looking for. Let's review a couple of worthy contenders in the ring of digital SLR cameras.

It's pretty hard to review digital SLR's without bringing up the Canon Rebel XTi digital SLR camera. The XTi, and it's predecessor the XT has been a solid value for anyone looking to make the move to SLR technology. A consistently strong seller with a solid base of existing users makes the Canon Rebel a worthy for best general purpose SLR camera ever.

With a current price under $600 including a lens kit, it will continue to be popular for some time. The latest model to share the Rebel crown, is the XSi, which is currently scheduled to be on the shelves mid 2008. It brings more megapixels, a better battery grip, a larger LCD, "live view", and a plethora of other new features to the Rebel lineup.

No digital SLR camera review would be complete, without the inclusion of the Nikon D40 digital SLR camera. An equally robust competitor with the Rebel lineup from Canon. For those making a purchase based purely on the Nikon brand name, there's no reason to look much further. The D40 is a great camera for those looking to make the leap from simple point and shoot cameras to the more sophisticated and versatile SLR world. The D40 still has numerous auto settings, so newbie users won't feel rushed up the learning curve of SLR with it's countless manual tweaking options.